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Cannabis installationTASKMASTER® shredders provide a complete shredding solution for cannabis plant waste, medical plant waste, and hemp size reduction. They tackle roots and bulbs as well as a variety of other materials. These shredders significantly reduce the volume of output material, making compact disposal or further processing significantly easier and more efficient. The TASKMASTER features dual counter-rotating cutter stacks, designed to carefully intermesh at low speed under close clearance and extremely high torque. They cut, shear, tear, slice, and rip apart solids typically in a strip or chip-like output shape. Each plant can be processed in approximately eight to twelve seconds.

Cannabis Waste Destruction

TASKMASTER shredders are used by companies all over the United States and Canada to help with the disposal of their cannabis waste. These powerful shredders are a clean and quiet alternative to a gas-powered wood chipper. They typically employ up to a 15 HP motor and gear drive and are complete with a stand, hopper and automatic reversing controller.

Infeed or discharge conveyor systems are available as an optional add-on. These powerful shredders provide efficient and cost-effective disposal of cannabis waste from cannabis growers. Constructed to help cannabis growers all over the United States meet the regulatory requirements of cannabis disposal, these shredders not only cut down your waste, they cut down wasted time.


Full Plant Shredding

The TASKMASTER series of shredders are perfectly designed for the role of cannabis waste shredders. TASKMASTER cannabis waste shredders are built to get the entire job done, leaving no piece of a plant untouched, including the stalks, stems root balls, and leaves. These high capacity units can be hand fed, conveyor-fed or fed by a bucket loader, depending on the model.

Our powerful industrial shredders are designed to meet any cannabis waste regulatory environment you may encounter. Our shredders comply to disposal standards worldwide, typically the material needs to be shred and mixed with 50% dirt in order to meet the requirements.

TM1600Shredder With Conveyor

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