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DEFINER KM Knife Mills are compact, high performance knife mills that quickly and efficiently reduce dry hemp to desired output size. The DEFINER Knife Mills employ high shear knives that accurately cut hemp to a desired output size with a shear action and without over grind or excessive fines. Our knife mills are a more effective alternative to hammer mills which cause more fines and degradation of the final product. Using the DEFINER leads to more efficient extraction and a higher final hemp yield. Franklin Miller offers a wide range of DEFINER Knife Mills for growers, big and small, with a unit to suit almost any application.

When put behind a TASKMASTER Hemp Shredder, the DEFINER Knife Mills, our Franklin Miller size reduction processors, can take full stalks of wet hemp and produce output ready for extraction and processing.

At Franklin Miller, we understand that each application is unique. We have designed, built, and tested our machines to exacting standards to provide you with a level of quality you can rely on. Depending on your needs, we offer our machines in both lab and production sizing. Our TASKMASTER shredders and DEFINER Knife Mills can handle any of your hemp processing needs.

Lab and Production Style

Franklin Miller offers knife mills for both and lab and production applications. Our DEFINER DF Knife Mills can handle up to 50 lbs per hour while our DEFINER KM units can handle up to 4,000 lbs / hr. When processing dry hemp, DEFINER Knife Mills produce an optimal particle size that is consistent, uniform, with minimal fines or product degradation. DEFINER Model KM and Model DF knife mills provide precise uniform output. With their unique low heat rise rotor design, these units help prevent any degradation of plant material.

A key feature of our knife mills is its pneumatic discharge system, which increases both feeding rates and discharge and produces very minimal dust generation. This system is designed to run reliably and continuously, to allow hemp processing at a consistent and/or constant rate.

New Definer KM 500 web flat

Designed For Extraction

DEFINER Knife Mills are designed with extraction in mind. Weather you are extracting CBD or other Cannabinoids DEFINER Knife Mills produce consistent, uniform output size to optimize your yield. When compared to other size reduction methods DEFINER Knife Mills produce significantly less fine and product degradation.

Our Knife Mills can produce a wide variety of consistent output sizes to optimize your extraction process. Weather you are using ethanol, C02 or another extraction method DEFINER Knife Mills can be customized for your application.


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