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Wastewater Treatment

Franklin Miller manufactures a complete line of wastewater treatment grinders and screens, designed to match your specific application requirements. The Taskmaster®,  Dimminutor®, and Super Shredder® grinders are designed to reduce oversized solids in wastewater systems –either inline or in open channels. This technology enhances plant operations, improves pump operation, facilitates reliable dewatering and washing processes, and helps downstream equipment run dependably.

We offer a variety of screens and screening systems to meet your requirements.    Our line includes units for coarse or fine screening.  Our line includes our SPIRALIFT® screw screens, SCREENMASTER® bar screens, and SCREENMASTER drum screens.

For Septage Receiving and FOG Receiving our systems offer the widest choice of features available from one supplier.  This includes screening systems, unique grinders with tramp separation, a choice of instrumentation, our Hauler Station Control which authenticates, tracks  and records transaction data,  as well as Haulerlogic® administration software. 

All of our equipment is built for ease of use, industry leading durability and effectiveness.

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