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TASKMASTER® TITAN®  TM20060 "Full Cut" Grinder with High Flow Capability

The TASKMASTER® TITAN® TM20060 is the latest addition to the TASKMASTER TITAN grinder line. This unit builds on the patented, twin-shaft counter-rotating cutter design of the TASKMASTER TITAN. Its design features one cutting stack that intermeshes with a second one having a much larger diameter to rip, tear and shred solids entrained in liquid flow to fine particles so they can be more easily processed by pumps and other equipment. The TM20060 has a higher flow and larger throat opening than previous models.

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Custom DELUMPER® LP 5-Shaft Crusher Fits in Tight Location

Delumper LP 5 shaft

When a major global leader in agricultural products needed help reducing wet and sticky agglomerates in a very tight plant location, Franklin Miller was ready with a custom solution.

The customer produces phosphate, nitrogen and potash, three critical crop nutrients and provides fertilizer to growers worldwide to make their crops thrive, so they can produce more high-quality food to meet the growing global demand.

When the company began having problems with their phosphate production, causing the material to agglomerate and clog their equipment, they knew they would have to find a solution. Acid and ammonia are added to phosphate to make it granular, causing the material to be sticky and wet and prone to agglomerates.

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Powerful Crusher with New Enclosed Stainless Steel Stand and Hinged Hopper

The DELUMPER® 1075 LP Crusher reduces hard or soft, heat sensitive, sticky or wet agglomerates and lumps at high volume without degrading the material or causing a rise in temperature. The unit is available with a variety of auxiliary equipment. This unit was provided with a fully-enclosed stainless steel stand and a special pivoted hopper. This hinged hopper that tilts allows quick access to interior components for cleaning and service.
The DELUMPER LP lump breaker features extended cutting teeth that rotate completely through a heavy bar cage, self-clearing the slots with each rotation. Each tooth is built for precise balance, interchangeability and smooth operation. Output sizes are adjustable by changing the speed or the comb. The unit’s low-friction cutting action is excellent for large quantities of sludge cake, agglomerated chemicals, plastics, fats, waxes or solid waste.

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Franklin Miller Unveils Expanded Manufacturing Facility


Franklin Miller Inc. was proud to unveil the grand opening of the major expansion to their Livingston, New Jersey manufacturing facility at a ribbon cutting celebration on July 12, 2016. This addition includes new offices, a test facility and a high bay manufacturing area. Franklin Miller manufactures size reduction and screening equipment for environmental and industrial applications worldwide.William Galanty, president of Franklin Miller, spoke at the ceremony about the company’s expansion and continued growth in manufacturing, as well as detailing the three generations and nearly 100 years Franklin Miller has been in business. In attendance was Alfred Anthony, mayor of Livingston, as well as representatives from the office of Senator Cory Booker, the Livingston Chamber of Commerce, the Livingston Town Council and the Livingston Business Improvement District.

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SRH Hauler Station

The S270-SRH Hauler Station is a comprehensive control system that provides an automated interface for septage truck haulers to securely access and operate a Franklin Miller septage receiving station without the need for plant personnel. This unit, coupled with the TASKMASTER® TT grinder or SPIRALIFT® SR grinding and screening system, provides a complete turn-key solution for automating the receiving of septage into a sewage plant headworks without burdening either plant personnel or equipment.

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Automated Rock Removal and Conveying System Enhances SPIRALIFT® SR

SR With Rock Trap

The SPIRALIFT® SR septage receiving system now features an optional automated rock removal system. This unique system enhances the ease of use of the system grinder and tramp-trap. Rocks are a consistent problem with septage receiving and various methods of removal are used.

With the SR a unique TASKMASTER TT grinder includes a trap system to settle out the rocks with a high level of efficiency. Typically the operator opens a manual gate valve and the rocks fall into a container. Other systems have baskets and a hatch door which needs to be lifted out of a series of pipes.

With the new SR Automated rock removal, an automated gate valve opens on a pre-planned cycle and the rocks fall into a

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Delumper® S4 Crusher with Streamlined Direct Drive

DELUMPER® S4 Sanitary Crushers are specially designed and built to meet the high standards of the food, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. A new version of the DELUMPER S4 Crusher was recently introduced that combines the best features of the two prior models of the industry’s highest quality crushers with a direct drive system for a highly reliable design.

The new ultra-sanitary DELUMPER S4 Lump Breaker features a clean-in-place capability, quick change-over of cutting elements, a meticulously polished finish along with the direct drive for smooth and quiet operation. The unit is available with four styles of cutters for unique versatility. The unit’s unique design eliminates internal fasteners. Its precision crushing mechanism produces a once-through, non-destructive crushing action that reduces oversized particles to their basic grain size without over-grind or over-work of material.

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Pipeline Delumper PD4 Install

The PIPELINE DELUMPER® is a powerful inline processor that crushes, disperses and suspends tough solids in fully enclosed pipe systems. This unit eliminates blockages, works the stream to free flow and prevents damage to pumps and other equipment. It is suitable for wet, dry, pressure or gravity systems. In applications worldwide, the PIPELINE DELUMPER has demonstrated its processing and cost effective benefits.The ultra-compact, straight-through PIPELINE DELUMPER lump breaker is designed for easy installation. This fluid tight pressure rated unit has the full throughput capacity of the pipe to which it is connected. Its working principle employs rugged impeller teeth passing through a heavy bar grating to reduce the size of the product. These teeth completely clear the slots of the bar grating and at the same time clean the entire pipe cross section area.

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Twice the Flow with the TASKMASTER® TITAN® Duplex

Titan Installation

The TASKMASTER® TITAN® Duplex (TM 14000D) builds on the TITAN’s major innovation in twin-shaft channel grinding technology. The TITAN combines powerful channel grinding capability with high flow capacity and low headloss. The result is superior performance in both grinding and liquid handling. With the TASKMASTER TITAN Duplex two complete sets of twin-shaft cutter stacks are employed for twice the flow capacity and channel width. This unit’s unique design employs two counter-rotating shafts, but its intermeshing cutter stacks have two different diameters. One opening is much larger than the other, providing more efficient feeding and reduction of bulky solids and allowing greater flow to pass through freely. The finely ground output provides excellent protection of pumps, filter presses and other downstream equipment. With its massive array of cutting edges, cutter life and unit strength are enhanced.
The TITAN employs a 3HP or 5HP motor and cycloidal gear drive, cutter cartridge technology and a 14″ x 12″ up to 14″ x 60″ inlet cutting chamber size for handling flow rates up to 8 mgd. The TASKMASTER TITAN is provided with a PLC driven S260 automatic reversing control system which automatically senses jam conditions and jogs the cutters in a reverse cycle to clear the obstruction.

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Taskmaster® Inline Grinders

TASKMASTER® Inline Grinders employ a powerful twin-shaft mechanism to reduce solids in sludge, slurry and sewage pipelines. These versatile processors reduce such materials as rags, plastics, wood, debris, tampons, sanitary napkins and more. They are invaluable in plant operations worldwide keeping pipelines flowing, reducing pump downtime and protecting dewatering equipment such as centrifuges, filter presses and more.

These grinders are available for pipe sizes from 4″ through 30″ pipe sizes.


The TASKMASTER TM8500 series inline grinders feature a drop-in housing for easy maintenance, 2″ hex shafts, heavy-duty mechanical seals with tungsten carbide seal faces and cutter cartridge® technology. With cutter cartridges, individual cutters and spacers are replaced by rugged one-piece elements that incorporate 6 cutters and 6 spacers for less components, no stack loosening and the elimination of cutter stack retightening (required by competing units). These units are made for pipe sizes from 4″ through 10″.

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