5 Features to Look for in Wood Pallet Shredders

nine wood pallets of different colors stacked next to one another


Are you struggling to dispose of your wood pallet waste after it’s no longer needed or usable? Depending on your industry, you could be dealing with tons of the material on a regular basis. But what do you do with it?

Whether it's taking up valuable space or you’re throwing it away and missing out on potential revenue from recycling and reusing – adding pallet shredders to your daily operations could be the very thing you need.

Could You Benefit From Pallet Shredders?

There are dozens of different shredders on the market that can be used for everything from wood and paper to wet wipes, batteries, cement, fish, and so much more.

Seriously, if it can be broken down, we probably have a machine for the job! But, if you’re dealing specifically with wood pallets you’re going to want to use a shredder designed exactly for that job.

A wood pallet shredder can significantly reduce the bulk of weekly waste containers and eliminate unsightly pallets from your property.

So, what do you need to be looking out for when it comes to buying or hiring a wood pallet shredder? Below are five of the most important features to bear in mind before making your decision.

1. Efficiency

If you’re handling large volumes of pallets every week, the disposal of these items can become a major task.

When you look for a wood pallet shredder, your number one concern might be how efficiently it will dispose of wooden pallets. You'll also need to consider whether it can handle the volume required for your operations.

An XL cutter can shred full pallets, including nails and more. This is a suitable product for both small and large operations. Its torque also determines the efficiency of a wooden pallet shredder.

So, ask yourself: how many times do you need to run a pallet through the shredder to get the reduction you're looking for?

Our Pallet shredders feature low speed, high torque shredding action, so every pallet is efficiently reduced in one go.

A shredder's efficiency can also be measured by how many pallets it can handle in an hour. If your operations include very high volumes of waste, this mustn’t build up while your shredder struggles to keep up.

The TaskMaster XL, for example, can handle up to 100 pallets per hour to accommodate even the busiest operations.

Another efficient feature to look for is the shredder's ability to push the shredded output directly into a waste container so it can easily be disposed of without the extra hassle!

2. Ease of Use

Shredding wooden pallets shouldn’t be a headache for your staff. With the right machine, this process should be smooth and straightforward and produce results without much hassle.

When choosing the right wooden pallet shredder, make sure its operations can be easily controlled and don’t require complex training.

One feature to look out for is the ability to reverse the direction of operation. The best pallet shredders have an automatic reversing controller built-in.

This can sense a jam condition and change the direction to clear the obstruction for a predetermined amount of time. This also has the added benefit of providing easy access to removing unshreddable objects.

Many pallet shredders can be set up and connected easily to start reducing pallets quickly. Our staff can inform you how to do this.

3. Capacity

There are two essential questions to ask here: how big is the material you’re handling, and how much of it is there? These two factors will play a massive role in the machine you opt for, as both the size and the capacity need to meet demand.

Overloading a pallet shredder can be detrimental to its performance and lifespan. Conversely, underloading a machine, while not immediately harmful, can in time cause issues with your machinery.

Another consideration you need to make regarding capacity is whether your loads are likely to change in size? If so, you need a shredder which can adjust to the load size you’re feeding in at that time.

4. Reuse or Remove?

Depending on the sector you’re in, you'll likely determine whether you need a pallet shredder to recycle materials or remove all waste produced. Industrial shredders can do both disposals and repurpose – but you must get the right one for your needs.

One of the key benefits of using a shredder is that many can offer guaranteed uniform output if you are looking to reuse material.

This means that if you need to meet specific criteria to get value from your repurposed materials, opting for a shredder that can do the job without contaminating the products in question.

5. Easy Maintenance

The first thing to note about any industrial shredder is that they all need a certain maintenance level.

The size and type of shredder you opt for will determine how much maintenance it will need to work at the optimal level.

However, with that said, there are many “low maintenance” shredders available, only requiring periodic lubrication and oil changes.

Suppose you’re specifically seeking a low maintenance solution. In that case, we encourage you to speak with our team, who can recommend some appropriate products.

Invest in a Pallet Shredder With Us

Size reduction technology may not be exciting, but it's necessary – and here at Franklin Miller, we've done the hard work to ensure the machine you opt for will see you through for years to come.

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