Municipal Case Studies

Duel Spiralift SLX Installation

Spiralift® SLX Defends Prision

For years, Graterford Prison, a maximum security facility in Pennsylvania, experienced continuous problems with their wastewater system. Their antiquated equipment consisted of bar screens, grinders and comminutors which were frequently overwhelmed by the sewage generated daily by 3,600 inmates. To make matters worse, the trash and debris often included full ...
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TM851206 Inline Installation

Case Study: TASKMASTER® Helps Make Sludge into Forest Feed

The Birmingham Wastewater Treatment plant in Kansas City, Missouri is an activated sludge treatment facility that processes 12.4 million gallons of wastewater a day. The facility processes and receives 21,000 dry tons of sludge each year, which is pumped to sludge holding basins. For the last few years, the facility, ...
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Spiralift SC Discharge

Case Study: SPIRALIFT® SC Solves Screenings Disposal Problem

The City of Collinsville had a problem. The screenings coming off from their bar screen were odorous, wet and costly to dispose of. Three container loads a week of screenings were very costly to dispose of. Initial tests of a screenings washer were discouraging. Although the unit worked well initially, ...
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Case Study: SUPER SHREDDER® - Just What the Warden Ordered

Case Study: SUPER SHREDDER® – Just What the Warden Ordered

Inmates in correctional institutions have found a new pastime. By flushing oversized items down their toilets they either accidentally or deliberately cause the facility’s wastewater to back up. Often the goal is to gain extra time out of the cell. By flooding their cell or cell block, they force the ...
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TM8500 Channel Installation

Case Study: TASKMASTER® Solves Sludge Problem

A paper company located in the northeast experienced frequent problems at its wastewater treatment plant. Under normal conditions, sludge from the milling process is directed to this facility and is ground up and placed in a primary clarifier. The sludge is then put through a press where it is dewatered, ...
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TM1600 Grinders

Case Study: TASKMASTER® Alleviates Screenings Conveying Problem

The Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a thoroughly modern 65 MGD wastewater treatment plant, which uses the Trickling Filter/Solids Contact Process. Like many other facilities across the country, Central Valley is continuously challenged to meet the expanding water treatment demands of a growing ...
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Floating Aircraft Carrier

Case Study: Greasy “Air-Craft Carriers” Destroyed By Taskmaster®!

The Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Water Works Authority in Levittown, Pennsylvania is an activated sludge primary treatment plant. The facility is responsible for thirteen lift stations in the district and processes 10 million gallons of wastewater per day. One of the stations had chronic problems because it had no ...
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TM85 & Duplex

Case Study: TASKMASTER® Grinder Saves Over $36,000 For Kirksville, Mo.

The City of Kirksville, Mo. had a problem. Their 25-year-old Smith and Loveless comminutor suddenly stopped working and could not be repaired. Their main bar screen could not handle the complete flow of the plant headworks at daily peak periods, which meant that unreduced solids could get into the plant’s ...
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TM8532 Installation

Case Study: Grinder Saves The Day At Shickshinny Sewage Treatment Plant

The Borough of Shickshinny Sewer Plant faced a major operational problem. The plant, which has been in operation since 1979, services mostly residential areas, parts of two boroughs and a neighboring prison. It uses an activated sludge, secondary treatment process to process 500 MGD. Even though Shickshinny’s plant had a ...
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Taskmaster TM8500

Case Study: Sewage Plant Transformed

The Valley Forge Pump Station receives daily on average 500000 gallon influent. It has been in operation for about 20 years. While visiting Valley Forge Sewage Plant the plant operator, Jim Brennan, informed us that they have a TASKMASTER® TM8500 Grinder installed in front of the pumps, to eliminate the ...
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