The SCREENMASTER® CS wastewater bar screen provides efficient cleaning of a bar screen rack and removal of solids from rectangular channel installations. This unit employs a front clean/front return principle. It’s easy to install new or existing channels. The unit installs at a 75° inclination so it has a very small footprint. The design features a simple, continuous rotary motion. As the rake head passes through the bar slots collecting debris, it travels up the unit’s dead plate until it reaches a special scraper supplied with a dash pot for smooth operation. The screenings then drop out of the unit’s discharge chute.



This versatile unit is simple in design but highly efficient in operation, requiring minimal power to operate. The SCREENMASTER consists of a stainless steel frame and a bar rack fabricated of parallel stainless bars. In addition, this unit includes a dead plate, stainless steel chain link drive, carriage unit, scraper and gear drive. The unit is fully enclosed above the channel. The bar rack can be supplied with 1/4” to 2” slot openings.

Screenmaster CS Installation


The SCREENMASTER CS is supplied complete with an S320 Program Controller which activates on a timed basis or when a high level is indicated by a supplied level sensor. This highly efficient unit is provided with between a 3/4 HP and 1-1/2 HP motor and drive, dependent on the unit size. This unit is custom built for any channel width up to 78” wide (2 m) and for a lift height of up to 38 ft. (11.6 m).

The S320 is a PLC-based control system supplied complete with a VFD, rotary disconnect switch, panel mounted E-Stop, level-controlled as well as a timer cycle, HMI for easy user adjustments, ultra-bright sunlight visible LED indicators, NEMA rated enclosure, U.L. 508A labeled panel and more.

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