Submersible Motor

Franklin Miller’s submersible explosion-proof (continuous-in-air), 3 phase, AC motors are motors that are truly submersible. These motors are built specifically for Franklin Miller’s grinders and comminutors and are provided as part of a fully sealed drive system. These submersible motors have unique design and construction features that make them suitable for continuous in air operation under full load operating conditions as well as fully submerged operation in up to 200 feet (61m) of water and sewage.

Unlike competing motors, Franklin Miller’s Submersible Motors offer dependable, submerged operation in either continuous or intermittent use. These motors are designed to provide high mechanical integrity under adverse operating conditions for maximum life and minimum life cycle costs. Their design requires no internal or external liquid cooling system. These motors are suitable for all Franklin Miller grinders and comminutors as well as applications, as defined by the National Electric Code as Class 1; Division 1, hazardous locations section 501-8 (a) requiring explosion proof construction.

Submersible motor

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