The TASKMASTER® TT Grinder Receiving Station provides for a streamlined septage receiving operation with a special grinder and control system. By combining a TASKMASTER grinder with a sophisticated control system that monitors and records hauler activity, this system includes all the most important features of larger, more expensive septage receiving systems.

The TASKMASTER TT combines TASKMASTER inline grinding technology with a tramp collector built into its stainless steel housing. The tramp trap is designed to let rocks, gravel, and other unshreddable solids drop out before reaching the grinder cutters. The trap features an automatic slidegate for quick access and removal of collected tramp materials. The septage solids are finely ground to a size more easily handled by downstream equipment, while rocks settle out into the trap area.



  • Grinds Solids to Facilitate Downstream Processing
  • Collects Tramps Materials to Protect Systems
  • Hauler Activity Monitoring and Recording
Taskmaster TT Installation

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Taskmaster TT Drawing