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At Franklin Miller, we manufacture top of the line industrial cannabis grinders and knife mills for the cannabis industry. These units produce consistent output, grinds faster than hammers and has less fines than many high-speed milling tools. With our Cannabis Knife Mills ranging from 100 lbs to 10,000 lbs per hour and available in carbon steel, stainless steel or polished steel; we have got you covered no matter what application you need to work with them in.

DEFINER DF2000 Lab Mill

The DEFINER DF2000 Knife Mill is designed for the exacting requirements of lab environment Rotating knives pass at close clearance to bed knives for high shear reduction of cannabis while a sizing screen governs the size.

The DEFINER is provided in Stainless Steel with optional polished construction. This unit has a sanitary design with no cracks or crevices which would allow product accumulation. It is easy to clean in-place. A sanitary style shaft seal restricts materials to the cutting chamber. A purge port permits use of of optional inert gas. A quick disconnect system makes dismounting from attached system or hopper fast and simple.

With the DEFINER, you can precisely control unit rotational speed, cannabis output particle size and throughput with its available variable frequency controller.

Precision Size Reduction

The DEFINER cannabis grinder preserves the important properties of valuable materials with a precise, cutting action that minimizes dust and heat rise. This unit reduces hemp, herbs, spices, and various lumps and agglomerates, without overworking the material. With its rotary knife elements, it effectively shears stringy solids. With a choice of optional cutter element designs and multiple available screen sizes, the DEFINER knife mill delivers a dependable solution for a wide variety of size reduction applications.

Definer DF Cutaway

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