Ship Board Shredders

TASKMASTER® galley waste and shipboard shredders help with the efficient and ecologically friendly disposal of galley waste. These powerful shredders help ships all over the world to meet regulatory requirements of shipboard waste disposal. The TASKMASTER TM8500 series, as well as the larger TM1600 series and TM2342 shredders can handle all quantities and varieties of shipboard waste.

These industrial strength shredders are used at a variety of points of the on ship disposal process. These versatile shredders can handle a wide variety of shipboard waste include sludge, food, packing, pallets, and much more.

International laws and regulations protect global waters from waste generated onboard ships. This could include different types of waste, such as food waste or crew sewage. A proper sewage grinder can keep ships in compliance with crew waste and keep sewage pipes clear. In addition, food waste aboard ships is often generated in large quantities. A MARPOL compliant food waste shredder is essential for shredding and disposing of food waste in an effective manner that meets all international regulations.

TM8500 Ship Board

Dry Or Wet Shredding

Both solid and liquid waste is no problem for our wide variety of shipboard shredders. Available in both carbon and stainless steel these shredders can be customized to meet any application requirements.

These high capacity units can be hand fed, conveyor fed or fed by a bucket loader, depending on the specific requirements.

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