Tire Shredders

Franklin Miller TASKMASTER® TM3000 and TM4000 tire shredders can effectively shred car, off-road, and light truck tires without debeading. These high-torque, low-speed tire shredders provide cost-effective tire shredding and repurposing options. Our shredders provide output to your specifications to meet recycling requirements.

The range of TASKMASTER industrial shredders can be custom built for you. Each unit is built for the highest level of performance and reliability using quality components, superior design and engineering. With our over a century of proven size reduction solutions, you’ll be reducing cost and downtime in no time.

The Benefits of Recycling Tires

When tires no longer serve their purpose safely on the roadways, they need to be replaced and repurposed. The best means to that end is an industrial tire shredder which cuts and shreds the tires into a range of sizes. Now, more than ever, these tire scraps are put to use in a variety of applications, rather than simply disposed of in a landfill.

Some applications for the tire scraps have environmental benefits, such as tire derived fuel, TDF, an efficient alternative fuel source for pulp and paper mills, electronic utilities and cement kilns. Cement companies actually burn rubber as part of the making of cement. Small chips of shredded tires are used in cement kilns to make cement fuel. Tire shredders have a variety of other uses such as basketball courts and playground uses, asphalt, and making new tires.


Designed for the heaviest shredding applications, the TASKMASTER® TM3000 and TM4000 get the tough jobs done quickly and efficiently with low maintenance. These twin shaft shredders are suitable for a variety of shredding applications that demand high power, large throat openings and extra heavy-duty construction. The design of these units provides effective operation with low noise, sparking, dust or heat rise.

The TASKMASTER TM3000 can reduce such items as: tires, pallets, steel drums, wood, documents en masse, electronic components, hard drives, hazardous waste, solid propellants, plastic sprues and purgings, and manufactured items.

The TM4000 is ideal for passenger and truck tires, demolition and construction debris, white goods, carpeting, steel drums reduction, purgings, solid waste, biosolids, pallets and crates and more.

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