Case Study: 24″ PIPELINE DELUMPER® Heavy-Duty Inline Processor

This 24″ PIPELINE DELUMPER® was design to handle 84,000 lbs/hr of polypropylene for a major petro-chemical company. The unit features 24 inch inlet and outlet flanges, stainless steel construction and a 50 HP motor to handle oversized agglomerates of polypropylene. The unit de-agglomerates troublesome scale and lumps that can cause operational difficulties for a petro-chemical plant. Reliability is critical as the unit is to be installed extremely high up in a relatively inaccessable area.

Pipeline Delumper PD4 InstallThe DELUMPER® was supplied with an intrinsically safe speed detection system to provide instantaneous feedback on unit rotational status. Other features included teflon packings, proprietary high profile cutter design for optimized feeding and effective particle reduction with little heat rise or headloss.

The PIPELINE DELUMPER has proven its reliability in countless installations worldwide. This proven processor reduces agglomerates and solids, protects downstream equipments and improves flow properties. The unit connects via standard ASA flanges directly in pressurized, fully enclosed systems like an ordinary valve. Units are available for 3″ through 24″ pipe sizes.

The DELUMPER can be supplied for up to 600 psi systems, for liquid, pneumatic or gravity systems. Units are supplied with packing seals, single or double mechanical seal systems and dry nitrogen shaft seals.

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