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Automated Rock Removal and Conveying System Enhances SPIRALIFT® SR

The SPIRALIFT® SR septage receiving system now features an optional automated rock removal system. This unique system enhances the ease of use of the system grinder and tramp-trap. Rocks are a consistent problem with septage receiving and various methods of removal are used.

SR With Rock TrapWith the SR a unique TASKMASTER TT grinder includes a trap system to settle out the rocks with a high level of efficiency. Typically the operator opens a manual gate valve and the rocks fall into a container. Other systems have baskets and a hatch door which needs to be lifted out of a series of pipes.

With the new SR Automated rock removal, an automated gate valve opens on a pre-planned cycle and the rocks fall into an enclosed screw conveyor. They are then conveyed directly into a bin for easy disposal without operator assistance. This system is preferred by plants who do not want to do the rock removal manually.

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