Meeting Cannabis Waste Regulations

The Regulations

Cannabis waste disposal regulations are a near-constant challenge for cannabis growers. As a matter of fact, cannabis waste violations were some of the biggest violations and fines cannabis cultivators received over the last two years. Additionally cannabis waste regulations change on a state by state basis. For example the regulations from Oregon are different than the regulations from California.

Options for cannabis disposal include using a permitted landfill, digesting in-vessel, incineration, or composting. But this isn’t where the regulatory requirements end. Cannabis must be removed from packaging and must be “unusable and unrecognizable.” The cannabis waste must be incorporated with non-cannabis waste, such as solid waste that is non-consumable, and the mixture must be at least 50 percent non-cannabis waste. In addition, the waste must be placed in a secured waste receptacle and facilities are required to properly document all waste disposal procedures.*

As most growers know, meeting these regulations can be incredibly challenging. However, a reliable solid waste shredder can help cultivators meet these regulatory requirements. With a heavy duty waste shredder, waste disposal worries, violations, and fines can easily become a thing of the past.

Taskmaster Shredders

TASKMASTER® cannabis shredders help cannabis growers meet the regulatory requirements of cannabis waste disposal in a cost-effective and efficient way. The units can process root bulbs, stalks, leaves, and stems and reduce and/or compost both solid and liquid waste to meet state and local safety and environmental regulations. These high capacity units can be hand fed, conveyor-fed or fed by a bucket loader, depending on the model. TASKMASTER industrial shredders are designed to meet any cannabis waste regulatory environment you may encounter. Read more about the TASKMASTER TM8500 and TASKMASTER  TM1600.

TASKMASTER® shredders provide a complete shredding solution for cannabis plant waste, medical plant waste, and hemp size reduction. These shredders significantly reduce the volume of output material, making compact disposal or further processing significantly easier and more efficient. The TASKMASTER features dual counter-rotating cutter stacks, designed to carefully intermesh at low speed under close clearance and extremely high torque. They cut, shear, tear, slice, and rip apart solids typically in a strip or chip-like output shape. Each plant can be processed in approximately eight to twelve seconds.

TASKMASTER shredders are used by companies all over the United States and Canada to help with the disposal of their cannabis waste. These powerful shredders are a clean and quiet alternative to a gas-powered wood chipper. They typically employ up to a 15 HP motor and gear drive, and are complete with a stand, hopper and automatic reversing controller.


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*These regulations are a general guideline. Always check current local laws and regulations for your state. The information presented by Franklin Miller is not legal advice, is not to be acted on as such, may not be current and is subject to change
without notice. 

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