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Looking For An Alternative To The Muffin Monster?


Model TM8512 300001-12 Series
Chamber Size 8 1/2″ x 12″ 8 1/2″ x 12″
Design Dual Counter-Rotating Shaft (twin shaft) Dual Counter-Rotating Shaft (twin shaft)
Motor 3hp-5hp 3hp-5hp
Quantity of Cutter Parts 6 36
Quantity of Spacer Parts 0 36
Cutter Cartridge Technology Yes No
Typical Cutter Profile Cam Cam
Available with 5, 7 and 11 Tooth Cutters Yes Yes
Cutter Material 4140 4130
Stack Retightening Required No Yes
Housing Construction Ductile Iron Grey Iron
Available Submersible Motor Yes No (Immersible)
Available Shaft Extensions Yes Yes
Shaft Size 2″ hex 2″ hex
High Flow Side Rails – Channel Units Yes Yes
High Flow Side Rails – Inline Units Yes No
Available with Channel Frame Yes Yes
Available with Wet Well Frame Yes Yes
Direct Gear Drive Yes Yes
Mech Seal Faces Tungsten Carbide Tungsten Carbide
Seal Rating 90 psi 90 psi
Uses Metalic Seal Springs No Yes
Unidirectional Operation Yes Yes
Available in Duplex Model Yes No
Supplied With Jam Sensing Controller Yes Yes

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