Franklin Miller Roller Mill

The Roller Mill RM, Roller Mill RMD and Roller Mill RMT provide dependable size reduction of a wide variety of solids. They utilize two cylindrical rollers to fracture the material with an efficient, once-through milling action. These units can produce output sizes from 4-70 mesh and produce output in an extremely narrow size range and do so without degradation of the material. These results are impossible to accomplish with any other size reduction technology. The Rolls are available in smooth or corrugated roll configurations in order to meet exacting output size and consistency requirements.


  • Narrow Output Size Range
  • Spring Release Roll Protection
  • Highly Efficient Design
  • Once-Through Milling Action
  • Smooth or Corrugated Configuration
  • Out Range

The Franklin Miller Roller Mill comes in one, two and three high configurations. They are built with spring release roll protection that will allow the rolls to separate when hard foreign materials such as rocks, nuts, bolts, tools etc. pass through the mill. This allows for a much longer life due to the ability to avoid damage. The rolls are cast with magnesium, chrome, molybdenum and iron. Our rolls do not require tempering (flame hardening) which warps lower quality rolls and are thick enough to be re-corrugated 6 to 8 times before they must be replaced.