TASKMASTER® Grinder Manhole

Franklin Miller grinder manholes are easy to install,
complete pre-engineered systems that include a powerful TASKMASTER® grinder, a prefabricated FRP manhole enclosure, controls and many optional features. These units are custom-designed for your site conditions. This watertight unit is corrosion-resistant and engineered for the extreme conditions of sanitary and industrial flow streams, making it a durable, long-lasting choice.

The complete manhole system can quickly be up and running with minimal site work, grinding wipes and other tough waste solids, protecting downstream equipment and providing savings for the facility and district. The FMI manhole saves time and money over custom-designed concrete installations and provides easy access to the system with a choice of hinged hatches.

sub motor

Plug and Play

The complete packaged FRP manhole makes installation a snap – simply dig a hole, drop it in and hook it up. The system is constructed specifically for a TASKMASTER grinder which is installed in a built-in channel. With available depths from 5 – 35 feet and diameters in 48”, 60” and 72”, the manhole is fully customizable to your site. The manhole’s lightweight design results in much lower installation and material handling cost as well as minimizing of the plant downtime, with typical installation at a prepared site being between 3 – 4 hours. The units are provided with an access ladder, a choice of hatches and optional grinder siderails.

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