Taskmaster® Titan® Grinder

The TASKMASTER® TITAN® is a unique, high-flow channel grinder with a full-cut design that offers optimal protection for pumps, filter presses and other downstream equipment. This unit’s innovative twin-shaft design features cutter cartridges that intermesh with a second cutter stack with a much larger diameter. The TASKMASTER TITAN is ideal for channel applications where high capacity, unsurpassed grinding performance and reliability are paramount.

This unit features: full-cut grinding, superior feeding of large, bulky or round objects, efficient power usage, simple construction and an automatic reversing controller. The TASKMASTER TITAN is available in several models: TM14000, TM20000 and the TM22000 in Standard and Duplex configurations.

About “Full-Cut” Grinding

Full-Cut Grinders offer 100% cutting! With full-cut grinders the cutters handle the full flow capacity required without the need for auxiliary diverter screens so there’s fewer moving parts, more reliable cutting and greater durability.

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