TASKMASTER® Titan® Grinder

The TASKMASTER® TITAN® is a unique, high flow channel grinder. This TASKMASTER TITAN’S industrious twin shaft design features one over-sized cutter stack that allows for an increase flow capacity, while still maintaining the TASKMASTERS unsurpassed grinding performance. It does all of this with impeccable energy, efficiency and industry leading durability. As a result, the TASKMASTER TITAN is perfect for high flow applications where unsurpassed grinding performance and reliability is paramount.

This unit features: superior feeding of large, bulky or round objects, efficient power usage, full-cut grinding and simple construction, and an automatic reversing controller. The TASKMASTER TITAN is available in several models TM14000, TM20000 and the TM22000 in Standard and Duplex configurations. With the unique TASKMASTER TITAN, you get optimal protection for your pumps, filter presses and other downstream equipment.

  • High Flow Capacity
  • Taskmaster Grinding Performance
  • Rugged Durability and Reliability
  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Low Headloss
  • Class Leading PLC Control

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Video: Watch The Taskmaster Titan In Action 

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