Taskmaster® TM1600 Inline

TASKMASTER® TM1600 Inline grinders feature a heavy solids reduction capability and a pressure-rated pipe housing with a unique drop-in flange housing design for easy maintenance. These powerful twin-shaft grinders plow through a large volume of rags, sludge, biosolids, solid waste, institutional waste, screenings and more. They are provided for applications with heavy solids, high liquid flow rates and with flange sizes from 12” through 30”.

The TASKMASTER TM1600 has proven its unsurpassed capabilities and valuable service in hundreds of installations worldwide. This unit typically employs a 10 HP (7.5 kw) motor and direct drive which provides high torque, low speed operation to plow through tough solids.

The TM1600 features a drop-in housing design which simplifies maintenance. With this design, the entire grinder’s lower works (working element) can be pulled out of the unit housing for maintenance without disturbing the connected pipe system. The unit then simply drops into the pipe housing and only requires fastening a few bolts on top and its up and running. The TASKMASTER TM1600 series employs cutter/spacer elements that cut the number of individual grinder parts in half. Each cutter/spacer combo has twice the base crossection increasing its strength and reducing the possibility of shaft scoring.

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