The TASKMASTER® TM1600 powerful twin-shaft grinder plows through a large volume of biosolids, rags, sludge, solid waste, institutional waste, screenings and more. The TASKMASTER TM1600 has proven its heavy-duty capabilities and valuable service in hundreds of installations worldwide. This unit features such construction features as heavy cast framing, oversized 2-3/4" hex shafting for reliability and combination cutter-spacers.  It typically employs a 10 HP motor and drive but can accommodate up to a 20 HP motor and drive for the really tough jobs.

This unit is a high-strength grinder ideal for a wide variety of applications. The TASKMASTER TM1600 has world-class quality and proven reliability.


Cutter / Spacer Combo

CUTTER/SPACER ELEMENTSThe TASKMASTER® TM1600 employs unique cutter-spacer combo's.   These cutting elements combine individual cutters and spacers into high strength elements for high strength and reduced overall components  The cutter/spacers are available in a variety of profiles to match your exact application requirement.  They are constructed of high strength alloy steel and then hardened and ground.  They also available in hardened stainless steel.



  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Heavy Solids Capacity
  • Rugged 2-3/4” Hex Shafting
  • Proven Reliable Mechanical Seal
  • Channel, Gravity or Pipe System


The versatile TASKMASTER TM1600 can be configured for liquid channels, wet wells, water inlets or pipeline installations. It can also be used in gravity-fed installations, such as for screenings discharged from a bar screen. Units can be provided with a stand and hopper for a variety of gravity-fed shredding applications.

These units can be installed for full or occasional submergence with our unique submersible explosion-proof motor and drive. They can be supplied with support frames or channel frames as well as guide rails to facilitate removal from wet wells. A variety of drive configurations is available to meet most installation requirements including standard electric motors, submersible explosion-proof motors, extended shafts or hydraulic systems.


TM1600 Grinder Chart


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