Taskmaster TM3000

The TASKMASTER® TM3000 is a heavy-duty industrial shredder designed to reduce a high volume of solids with its low speed, high torque design. This twin-shaft shredder is suitable for a variety of shredding applications that demand high power, large throat openings and extra heavy-duty construction. The design of this unit provides effective operation with low noise, sparking, dust or heat rise.

The TM3000 is built for the highest level of performance and reliability using quality components, superior design and engineering. It has such heavy construction features as 5.5″ heat-treated alloy steel hexagonal shafting, 2″ cam cutters, heavy steel plate and channel body construction and planetary gear drive. The unit can rip, tear and shred through a variety of tough solids, reducing the volume for further processing or economical disposal.

Taskmaster TM3000 Shredder


  • Electronic Waste
  • Steel Drums
  • Wood Pallets
  • Car Tires
  • Light Sheet Metal
  • Construction Waste
  • and much more
Taskmaster TM3000 Cutters
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