Taskmaster® TM8500 Inline Grinders

TASKMASTER Inline grinders employ a powerful twin-shaft mechanism and cutter cartridge® technology to reduce solids in pipeline systems. These versatile processors reduce rags, plastics, wood, tampons, sanitary napkins and more. They are invaluable in plant operations world-wide keeping systems flowing, reducing pump downtime and protecting dewatering equipment such as centrifuges, filter presses and more.

Two stacks of intermeshing cutters aggressively pull the solids in, reducing them to a size that will pass through the unit’s slots. These grinders can be installed in gravity or pressurized, vertical or horizontal pipe systems, on the suction or positive side of a pump. The TASKMASTER is provided with cutter cartridge® technology wherein 6 cutter disks and 6 spacer disks are replaced by one-piece elements for far greater strength, fewer components, no stack loosening or stack re-tightening.

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