TASKMASTER TM8500 Shredder

The TASKMASTER® TM8500 is a small grinder that delivers powerful capabilities. With its twin shaft design, this unit can perform in applications like no other by providing excellent feeding characteristics on a variety of solids. These units feature an 8.5” wide cutting chamber with a variety of chamber lengths. These versatile shredders can handle screenings, fish waste, fabrics, waste material, sludge, food waste, plant material and much more.

The TM8500 features rugged construction and a fully-sealed housing with mechanical shaft seals for dependable sealing and bearing protection. The unit features unique CUTTER CARTRIDGE® Technology wherein multiple individual cutters are replaced with one-piece elements for higher strength and durability. These cutters are provided in a choice of configurations optimized to deliver the desired output particle size and other characteristics. The TM8500 design also offers unique versatility. It is available for gravity feed,  with stand and hopper, as well as for open channels or inline service with flange housings.

The unit is provided with an S260 Automatic Controller. This is a PLC based control system with a jog reversing feature to help alleviate jam conditions.

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TM8500 shredder
TM8500 Dual Setup shredder
TM8500 stainless steel shredder
TM8500 inline shredder
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  • Coarse or Finely Cut Output Configurations
  • CUTTER CARTRIDGE® Technology
  • Few Moving Parts
  • No Stack Retightening
  • Rugged Construction


TM8500 grinder on shipTASKMASTER Shredders are heavily constructed for long life and dependability. These versatile units can be installed vertically in channels or pipe systems, or horizontally with stand and hopper. These units employ 2 inch high-strength, heat-treated alloy hex shafting, and heavy-duty bearings and mechanical seals. A heavy, direct-coupled, gear drive generates high torque, low speed rotation for powerful performance with low noise or vibration.

Applications for the TM8500 Shredder include airport waste, biofuel, biosolids, bottles, cans, concession waste, containers, filters, food, fish waste, garments, pharmaceuticals, rags, rejects and returns, screenings, sewage, sludge and more.

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Taskmaster TM8500 Shredder Aids in Biomass Research

At CRBM Marine Biology Research Center in Quebec, Canada, researchers were in search of a grinder for a project involving marine biomass. A big part of this research project was focused on finding and extracting marine molecules that could fight against major diseases such as cancer (breast, lung, prostatic and intestinal). For the research, marine materials such as hard shells, lobster pieces, stretchable fish skin and even large and resistant seaweed needed to be ground to a homogeneous size so the research elements could be effectively extracted from the material. Getting the output size right was imperative to having a workable material for the very delicate extractions and research.Taskmaster Aids in Biomass Research

“To obtain the proper molecules for this research, the grinding output has to be perfect in order for the extraction step to work.” said Simon Cartier, CRBM Project Manager and Process Development Research Officer. “The addition of the TASKMASTER TM8500 twin-shaft industrial grinder in our facility was essential. Using the TASKMASTER prior to extraction allows us to easily facilitate the marine proteins and peptides, marine lipids and other types of interesting molecules for our research. We looked for so long and wow, did we find it! What a good choice this was for us. It worked very, very well. We are very happy with it.”

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