TASKMASTER TM8500 Shredder

The TASKMASTER® TM8500 twin shaft shredder is the smallest in the TASKMASTER line of industrial shredders. features an 8.5” wide cutting chamber up to 60” long and a direct drive. These units feature fully-sealed housing, mechanical shaft seals and patented 5, 7 or 11 tooth. These versatile units are available for gravity feed, open channels or inline service with flanges. The geometry of this dual-shaft cutter also provides excellent feeding characteristics for a variety of solids. TASKMASTER cutters are precision manufactured to exacting standards to provide optimal shredding and long life. Each TASKMASTER shredder is heavily constructed for low deflection or vibration and quiet operation. These versatile shredders can handle screenings, fish waste, plastics, fabrics, waste material, and much more.

Taskmaster TM8500 Shredder


  • Coarse or Finely Cut Output Configurations
  • Cutter Cartridge Technology
  • Few Moving Parts
  • No Stack Retightening
  • Rugged Construction



TM8500 Shredder Product Data

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