Video Case Study: SPIRALIFT® Septage Receiving Station in Willits, California

Franklin Miller Spiralift SR Septage Receiving System not only helps plant processes run smoothly, but can also greatly improve septage receiving operations. See how the Spiralift SR helped the city of Willits, California. SPIRALIFT® Septage Receiving Stations employ proven shaftless screw technology to effectively screen and separate raw septage or wastewater and facilitate the clean [...]

Video Case Study: SPIRALIFT® Septage Receiving Station in Willits, California2018-05-18T15:19:25-04:00

Video: Franklin Miller DIMMINUTOR

The DIMMINUTOR provides automatic screening and grinding of liquid-borne solids with a straight through open channel design. This unit reduces plastics, wood, vegetable matter, disposables, and other oversized items to a fine particulate. The DIMMINUTOR’S unique features, heavy precision construction, dependable operation and simplified maintenance have earned it a solid reputation amongst operators and specifying [...]

Video: Franklin Miller DIMMINUTOR2016-12-01T17:15:08-04:00

Video: Delumper Triple LP Crusher

Delumper Triple LP Video   The DELUMPER® Triple LP crusher processes massive quantities of lumps or agglomerates with a powerful triple-shaft crushing mechanism. This mighty crusher reduces dry, sticky, caked or wet solids to a desired output size without overworking, churning, or heating the material. They are specifically designed for large throat [...]

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Video: Delumper LP Crusher

Franklin Miller Delumper crushers and lump breakers lead the industry in reliability and performance. These powerful crushers are available in different models and configurations for a wide range of application. They can be designed for dry, gravity or wet systems and can be either inline, open, or stand-alone configurations. Delumper crushers employ teeth that break [...]

Video: Delumper LP Crusher2016-08-19T17:43:19-04:00

Video: TASKMASTER 1620 Compact Construction Debris Shredder

Watch the TASKMASTER® Model TM1620 take on bulky construction debris and drastically cut the volume.   The is a dependable way to reduce waste disposal costs, which can make a big difference in urban areas.  By reducing the waste to smaller pieces it can be more easily conveyed from the construction site to the [...]

Video: TASKMASTER 1620 Compact Construction Debris Shredder2018-02-14T00:14:37-04:00

Video: VULCANATOR Rubber Granulator

VULCANATOR Rubber Granulator from Franklin Miller, Inc on Vimeo. The VULCANATOR® is specially designed for the rubber and heavy plastics industry. This unit has the unique ability to reduce whole 75 lb. bales of synthetic or natural rubber into small particles. This powerful processor can thus drastically reduce processing time resulting in dramatic cost savings. [...]

Video: VULCANATOR Rubber Granulator2016-08-19T17:30:08-04:00


TASKMASTER TITAN Shredder from Franklin Miller, Inc on Vimeo. The Taskmaster® Titan TM14000-i packs the capability of shredders costing thousands more. This unit can reduce such items as packaging, wood, plastics, paper, wastewater, components, bottles and containers, waste materials, electronic components, bulky items, rejects, foodstuff, cardboard boxes, bottles, cd's,  and more. [divider] Related Products [...]

Video: TASKMASTER TITAN Shredder2016-03-24T20:09:15-04:00

Video: Dimminutor Open Channel Comminutor

The Dimminutor® effectively reduces wastewater solids in open channel installations worldwide. This unit features a high capacity, low headloss design that is highly reliable, efficient and easy to maintain. Solids are captured on a curved screen where rotary cutters sweep them into adjacent stationary cutters with a continuously rotating high torque action. As the cutters [...]

Video: Dimminutor Open Channel Comminutor2016-03-24T20:44:03-04:00