Dredging Grinders

Franklin Miller grinders have been used for years in the dredging applications. The Franklin Miller SUPER SHREDDER Grinder helps shred cattails, soft rock, and other obstructions that clog dredging pumps and cause down time. This helps save time and money.

Franklin Miller grinders go from 4" to 30" pipes to meet any pipe size and application. For over 100 years Franklin Miller industrial equipment has been the standard of quality and reliability.

Super Shredder SS2400


Super Shredder InteriorThe SUPER SHREDDER® inline disintegrator reduces tough solids entrained in pipeline systems. This unit combines world-class size reduction capabilities with a streamlined, easy-to-maintain design that features only two working elements. The SUPER SHREDDER is ideal for applications requiring a heavy-duty size reduction processor that can handle high flows with minimal headloss.

The SUPER SHREDDER utilizes a low speed and high torque action to chop, grind and shred solids into fine bits that can be easily processed by downstream equipment. Its innovative open-center spherical rotor design maintains a high percentage of open area—making this unit practically invisible to the flow. In fact, it can handle higher flows than any other inline grinder available.

With only two cutting elements, SUPER SHREDDER construction and maintenance is greatly simplified. The cutters are constructed of stainless steel with a heavy abrasive-resistant fused coating precisely applied to all cutting surfaces. These corrosion-resistant cutters provide long dependable service without the embrittlement associated with hardened alloys. With its bidirectional cutters, wear is further reduced via automatic reversing of the unit’s direction of rotation. Two convenient cartridges house the unit’s seals and bearings. Each cartridge consists of a primary seal, a severe duty mechanical seal, oil seal, heavy duty tapered roller bearings and stub shaft. This seal design has proven highly dependable and easy to maintain.

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