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Electronic Waste Shredders

Industrial electronic waste and E-waste can be problematic to process. That’s where Taskmaster® shredders come in. They are designed to quickly and efficiently reduce electronic waste and scrap. These rugged twin-shaft shredders are specifically designed to protect data and handle large volumes of waste.

For e-waste processing,  these rugged shredders reduce e-waste to desired output size while minimizing dusting.  With a TASKMASTER twin shaft shredder, there’s no need for recirculating screens.  Solids pass straight through the cutting chamber with a once-through shredding action, thereby maximizing throughput and reducing wear.

Applications for Taskmaster® Electronic Waste and E-Waste Shredders include: hard drives, printed circuit boards, electronic components, wire, servers, printers, motherboard and much more.

With a large range of e-waste shredders ranging in size from 8.5” x 16” to 40” x 72,” Franklin Miller, Inc has a rugged electronic waste shredder to meet your specific need.  Our shredders are known worldwide for their efficient, reliable and durable designs.  When you choose Franklin Miller,   you are assured a robust and dependable shredder.  

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