Food Waste Shredders

Franklin Miller’s TASKMASTER® food waste shredders and grinders reduce any foodstuff down to size. Our industrial strength dual-shaft grinders can handle all types of food products with ease. These MARPOL complaint grinders can handle a huge variety of food waste in a short period of time. Designed with cutter cartridge technology, TASKMASTER grinders lead the industry in reliability and performance.

Shred Stringy Vegetable Matter

Whether you have stringy string beans, leafy greens, spices, twigs or fruits and vegetables, a TASKMASTER® shredder can quickly cut them down to size for processing, disposal or composting. A variety of TASKMASTER models can handle ingredients, packaging, waste and effluent.

TM8500 Ship Board

Dry Or Wet Shredding

The TASKMASTER food waste shredders are specifically designed to be sealed from water and other liquids. These units can handle wet and dry materials with ease and are used for large and small-scale applications including excess, biogas, slurries, and process lines. These versatile units employ two parallel counter-rotating stacks of cutters that intermesh at low speed under extremely high torque. As the cam-shaped cutters intermesh at close clearance, they cut, shear, tear, slice, and rip apart food waste into smaller pieces typically in a strip or chip-like output shape.


  • Low Speed, High Torque Cutting Action
  • No Stack Retightning
  • Shred a Wide Variety of Food Waste Including Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Bones and More
  • Cutter Cartridge® Technology
TM1630 Installation

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