HAULERPORT® Bulk Water Fill Stations

HAULERPORT Bulk Water Fill Stations are a complete engineered solution for automated dispensing of water. With HAULERPORT Station you gain control of your water resource while allowing unattended user access.  These units include two main components: a streamlined equipment enclosure fully assembled and ready for connection, and the control system with a modern touch screen HMI user interface, designed for unattended operation by users.

The HAULERPORT is provided in several models and sizes to closely match your requirement. The BW1000 has a 1-inch output, the BW2000 has a 2-inch output and the BW3000 has a 3-inch output. Whether you need a complete system with administration software or a simple credit card acceptance payment system, Franklin Miller has the solution.


  • Unattended Operation
  • Dispenses Water While Charging Customers
  • Payment Systems
  • Bottom Fill or Top Models
  • High Flow and Low Flow Discharge
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • All Equipment Housed in an Attractive Enclosure
  • Available with HAULERLOGIC software or credit card acceptance
Bulk water station with labeling
Bulk Water Fill Installation


HaulerLogic software allows you to maintain customer accounts, monitor balances and do invoicing. With this software, you can monitor the operation of your fill stations from a central office.

HaulerLogic records transactions to its highly reliable SQL database engine running on a standard Windows-based PC or servers. Operators can access the software on one or more Windows or Apple desktops, laptops or a variety of mobile devices. This software is designed to run with a single station or scale to a network of stations in multiple locations. The system’s unique auto-synchronization assures transaction data is not lost, even in the event of a lost connection.

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Hauler Logic PC

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  • Interface with HaulerLogic Customer Management System
  • Credit Card Acceptance
  • Access Card or Password
  • Receipt Printer
  • Heated or Air Conditioned Equipment Enclosure
  • Choice of Models and Capacities
  • Stands, Shrouds and Kiosks
  • Breakaway Coupling