Bulk Water Fill Station

The Franklin Miller Bulk Water Fill Station is a complete engineered solution for municipalities who need a means for haulers to dispense water without operator assistance. With the Franklin Miller Bulk Water Fill Station your facility can control, monitor, administer accounts and gain control of payments for the dispensed water. With its easy to manage control and proprietary HaulerLogic software you will know precisely who is using the system and how much they are using.

The Franklin Miller Water Fill Station comes complete with all piping and equipment housed in an attractive, streamlined equipment enclosure. The system includes a Hauler Station control and Haulerlogic software for maintenance of accounts, balances and invoicing.


  • Haulers Can Dispense Water without Operator Assistance
  • Records Transaction Data
  • Prints Receipt for Hauler
  • Card System Authenticates Hauler
  • Interfaces with HaulerLogic Software

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Hauler Station Control
The Control

The Hauler Station is a comprehensive control system that provides an automated interface for septage truck haulers to securely access the Franklin Miller Bulk Water Fill Station without the need for plant personnel. The Hauler Station identifies haulers via a card swipe system, permits access, tracks loads, records transactions and prints transaction receipts. Drivers begin the process with one swipe of their access card. Once the driver’s ID is validated by the system, the hauler simply touches the start button and the system’s automated operation is initiated. The Hauler Station is equipped with a touch screen HMI interface that displays transaction information, the system status and provides access for system administration. The system can be supplied with one or two enclosures.







  • Allows Hauler to Operate System without Operator
  • Records Transaction Data
  • Prints Receipt for Hauler
  • Card System Authenticates Hauler
  • HMI Display and Input
  • One or Two Enclosures

The Level One Bulk Water Fill Station includes everything needed to get a Bulk Water Fill Station Up and Running. The Level 1 System includes the following.

  1. Valve
  2. Pressure Reduction
  3. Flow Meter
  4. Inlet and Outlet Pipe
  5. Haulers Station Controller
  6. HaulerLogic Software (Optional)

The Level 2 Bulk Water Fill Station is our complete system. This includes everything you need to have a stand along fill station including all equipment, controls, and software. The Level 2 Bulk Water Fill Station includes the following.

  • Actuated Valve
  • Backflow Prevention
  • Flow Meter
  • Bottom Discharge, Top Discharge, Or Both
  • HaulerLogic Software
  • Heating or Air Conditioning (Optional)


HaulerLogic software was specifically developed to monitor, track and record hauler transactions. This comprehensive full-function application interfaces with and extends the capabilities of the Franklin Miller Bulk Water Fill Station

With HaulerLogic software, you can administer and monitor hauler transactions, add or modify users and trucks, create, view or print single or multiple invoices, grant or disable hauler rights to use the system, display or print account balances and more.

HaulerLogic receives data from one or more FMI Hauler Station control systems and records transactions to its highly reliable SQL database engine. Its database back end runs on Windows-based PCs or servers. Operators can access the software on one or more Windows or Apple desktops, laptops or a variety of tablets. The software is designed to run with a single station or scale to a network of stations in multiple locations. The system’s unique auto-synchronization assures transaction data is not lost, even in the event of a lost connection.