Bulk Water Fill Station

The Franklin Miller Bulk Water Fill Station is a complete engineered solution for municipalities who need a means for haulers to dispense water without operator assistance. With the Franklin Miller Bulk Water Fill Station your facility can control, monitor, administer accounts and gain control of payments for the dispensed water. With its easy to manage control and proprietary HaulerLogic software you will know precisely who is using the system and how much they are using.

The Franklin Miller Water Fill Station comes complete with all piping and equipment housed in an attractive, streamlined equipment enclosure. The system includes a Hauler Station control and Haulerlogic software for maintenance of accounts, balances and invoicing.

Bulk Water Fill Station


  • Haulers Can Dispense Water without Operator Assistance
  • Records Transaction Data
  • Prints Receipt for Hauler
  • Card System Authenticates Hauler
  • Interfaces with HaulerLogic Software
Hauler Logic PC
Hauler Controls

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