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The DEFINER® 2000 is an advanced lab style knife mill designed to meet the stringent demands of the cannabis, hemp, food, and chemical industries. The DEFINER provides precise cutting action plus it adds unparalleled simplicity and ease of maintenance. Whether you need to disassemble, change-over the variety of cutting elements or totally clean the unit in place, it can be accomplished easily in minutes with the DEFINER 2000. The DEFINER 2000 is a fully enclosed dust tight unit constructed of stainless steel in all contact parts. It uses a streamlined, direct-driven cantilevered drive design for smooth operation and and easy maintenance. The straight through product flow with no bends or offsets assures no accumulation within the unit.

DEFINER 2000 with Stand

Precision Cutting Action

The DEFINER preserves the important properties of valuable materials with a precise cutting action. This unit reduces powders, tablets, capsules, lumps and agglomerates without overworking the material. With the rotary knife elements, it also effectively shears plastics and other ultra-fine or stringy solids. With four cutting designs to choose from, the DEFINER delivers a dependable solution for a wide variety of size reduction applications.

The DEFINER is provided standard with stainless steel construction. This unit has a sanitary design with no cracks or crevices which would allow product accumulation. It is easy to clean in-place. A sanitary style shaft seal restricts materials to the cutting chamber. A purge port permits use of of optional inert gas. A quick disconnect system makes dismounting from attached system or hopper fast and simple.

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