The DEFINER® DF2000 is an advanced lab style knife mill designed to meet the stringent demands of the hemp, herb, cannabis, hemp, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The DEFINER provides precise cutting action, along with unparalleled simplicity and ease of maintenance. Whether you need to change out the screen, disassemble, or quickly clean the cutting elements, it can be accomplished easily in minutes.

The DEFINER DF2000 has a fully enclosed dust tight unit constructed of stainless steel. The unit’s precision knives are constructed of durable tool steel. Its streamlined, direct-driven design provides smooth and and quiet operation while reducing maintenance.

DEFINER -DF2000 modified flat web

Precision Cutting Action

The DEFINER knife mill preserves the important properties of valuable materials with a precise, cutting action that minimizes dust and heat rise. This unit reduces hemp, herbs, spices, and various lumps and agglomerates, without overworking the material. With its rotary knife elements, it effectively shears stringy solids. With a choice of optional cutter element designs and multiple available screen sizes, the DEFINER knife mill delivers a dependable solution for a wide variety of size reduction applications.

The DEFINER DF2000 housing is constructed of smooth polished stainless steel plate. The stand and drive components are supplied standard in carbon steel with a white enamel finish. A discharge transition is supplied with the optional pneumatic discharge system.

The DEFINER features a variable frequency drive (VFD) provided in a Nema 4X enclosure. With the VFD, you can precisely adjust the unit rotational speed, influencing the particle size and throughput rate.


DF2000 Configurations

Dimensions are subject to change. Contact the factory for a certified drawing. Contact Franklin Miller to set up a test of your material in our customer test center.

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