Battery Shredders

Franklin Miller TASKMASTER® shredders help companies worldwide with their battery shredding needs. As batteries begin to reach their end of life cycle the need for battery shredding will only increase. Franklin Miller is there to assist with this need. We have years of experience handling batteries of all shapes and size. With out TASKMASTER shredders we can be your one stop solution to battery shredding and recycling.

TASKMASTER shredders can be fully sealed to atmosphere or operate completely submerged. This allows safe and efficient shredding of lithium ion batteries with greatly reduced fire hazard. Weather submerged or nitrogen purged our shredders allow for safer lithium ion battery size reduction.

Lithium Ion Cell

Unique Shredding Solutions

Our shredders reduce e-waste to a desired output size while minimizing dusting.  With a TASKMASTER shredder, there’s no need for recirculating screens. Solids pass straight through the cutting chamber with a once-through shredding action, thereby maximizing throughput and reducing wear.

We offer a variety of unique solutions including shredding and conveying systems with smart controls for optimal processing, single as well as dual stage systems for primary as well as secondary fine shredding, clean operation for quick product changeover, a choice of unique cutter configurations, super-tough cutter alloys and more. We can also tailor our equipment to fit in your unique plant configuration.

Our shredders are known worldwide for their efficient, reliable and durable designs. When you choose Franklin Miller, you are assured a robust and dependable shredder.

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