Battery Shredders & Battery Size Reduction Systems

Franklin Miller's battery shredders play a crucial role in the recycling process of Li-Ion batteries, enabling the recovery of valuable materials for battery production.

Our battery shredder systems are designed to handle spent or rejected batteries at various states of charge (SOC) levels. The shredding process ensures efficient size reduction for subsequent treatment, including solvent washing and liquid/solid separation (black mass) of the shredded material. Our versatile battery shredders cater to a wide range of applications, from laboratory and pilot-scale operations to large-scale recycling facilities.

By incorporating advanced features and robust construction, Franklin Miller's battery shredders provide an efficient and sustainable solution for Li-Ion battery recycling, contributing to a circular economy in the battery industry. Choose our battery shredders to maximize the recovery of valuable materials and support environmentally responsible battery recycling practices.

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Lithium Ion Battery Shredders | Pilot Plant Li-Ion Battery Shredder

The Pilot Plant Shredder is ideal for small-scale operations or for R&D. This system employs a specially designed chamber where batteries are shredded under a vacuum and N2 blanketing while completely submerged or with an intermittent water shower.

The Pilot shredder is equipped with a “mailbox-style infeed door” for secure operation. The collection tank has a basket screen inside for the separation of the solids. Liquid electrolytes and/or water can be discharged via the bottom discharge valve. The solids (shredded battery components) will be collected in the basket and recovered after releasing the tri-clover clamp.


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Production Scale Processing Solution

Franklin Miller provides shredding systems in different sizes to meet the desired production rate. The shredding chamber is designed to work under vacuum and N2 blanketing, while being completely submerged or in an intermittent water shower. Cutter profiles are optimized to handle various battery sizes and types, ensuring that the desired particle size is achieved.

Taskmaster® shredding systems have the perfect features for both the hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical recycling processes.

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Innovative processing solutions for the most demanding applications.

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