Dairy Processing

milk The processing of dairy products such as milk, butter, yogurt, and cheese that uses pasteurization or homogenization processes will leave wastewater with high levels of BOD (biological oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand), along with organic solids. These manufacturing processes produce a great volume of wastewater that needs treatment before it leaves the plant. cheese

Through the processing of the dairy products, the wastewater also collects organic materials from the processing itself, as well as sanitation chemicals and cleaning products. This effluent often has high levels of solids, nitrogen, oils, and phosphorus and may contain proteins, fats, sugars and even additive residue.

Rotary Drum ScreenFranklin Miller machines can help screen and remove all suspended solids as well as pathogens and contaminated materials, before further processing the wastewater for regulatory compliance and to protect equipment further down the line at the municipal plants. Franklin Miller has a wide range of dairy processing equipment, starting with the SCREENMASTER® RT DRUM SCREEN to screen out any solids in the water. Franklin Miller grinders such as the TASKMASTER® TM8500, TASKMASTER TM8500 Inline and the SUPER SHREDDER® can further process the wastewater, making it suitable to release to the municipal systems.

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