Industrial Paper Shredders

TM1600 Paper shredderFranklin Miller’s TASKMASTER® industrial strength paper shredders can handle large volumes of paper, documents, cardboard and more with ease. These heavy-duty shredders available in a number of models, quickly go to work reducing books, newspaper, cardboard, and much more. Our low speed twin-shaft design creates minimal dust and noise with industry lead reliability. TASKMASTER industrial paper shredders have been used in the paper recycling industry for over 25 years.
Taskmaster TM1620

The Benefits of Paper Shredding

Households and businesses have many sensitive documents that need proper shredding to protect sensitive information from revealing private information and from identity theft. Paper/document shredding protects that information from possibly falling into the wrong hands.

Paper shredding has the added benefit of being good for the environment through recycling. Recycling and reusing paper helps in the reduction of forest destruction, an ongoing problem around the world. Trees provide oxygen, shade and improve the quality of air and life. Cutting down trees damages the air as well as the ozone later. By shredding and reusing paper, the need to cut down trees substantially decreases. In addition, the chemicals and fuel used for cutting down and transporting trees and processing them into paper can also damage the air we breathe. Reusing shredded paper cuts down on these environmental damages as well.

Another possible environmental benefit to paper shredding is for composting. Shredded paper is a perfect material for composting. When composted, paper is transformed into a rich, organic mixture that’s beneficial for soil and plants. The keeps not only sensitive information protected, but helps the environment as well.

With its many benefits from protecting sensitive information to helping the ecosystem, choosing the right shredder for your application is important.

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