Poultry Processing

chicken processingPoultry processing plants generate a great volume of wastewater. During poultry processing, a lot of waste such as organic matter from the processing becomes entrenched in the wastewater effluent. This wastewater must be processed before going into the municipal sewage system so as not to overwhelm the systems.

8500 InlineFranklin Miller manufactures poultry processing equipment that can get any part of the job done. FMI’s screening equipment is often the first step in processing this wastewater. The SCREENMASTER RT DRUM SCREEN removes organic compounds in the water such as offal, feathers, and any meat pieces. In order to meet environmental regulations, poultry plants must remove all material from their wastewater before discharging it into the system.

Franklin Miller grinders such as the TASKMASTER® TM8500, TASKMASTER TM8500 Inline and the SUPER SHREDDER® can further process the wastewater to prevent damage to pumps and systems at the municipal plant. The high levels of BOD (biological oxygen demand) or (COD) chemical oxygen demand that are common in poultry processing wastewater are resolved during this wastewater treatment process.

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