Sludge Grinders

Franklin Miller sludge grinders simplify and then reduce the most costly, capital intensive and operationally difficult part of the treatment process. Sludge can be difficult to process and is made more so by the inclusion of foreign solids. Franklin Miller wastewater grinders are inline processors that play an important role in the successful operation of wastewater treatment plants by reducing over-sized solids that can cause jamming and damage to pumps and process equipment.

Super Shredder Installation

Super Shredder

The SUPER SHREDDER® inline disintegrator reduces tough solids entrained in pipeline systems. This unit combines world-class size reduction capabilities with a streamlined, easy-to-maintain design that features only two working elements. The SUPER SHREDDER is ideal for applications requiring a heavy-duty size reduction processor that can handle high flows with minimal headloss.

Super Shredder Interior

Taskmaster Inline

TASKMASTER® inline grinders employ a powerful twin-shaft mechanism and Cutter Cartridge® technology to reduce solids in pipeline systems. These versatile processors reduce rags, plastics, wood, tampons, sanitary napkins, sanitary wipes and more. They are invaluable in plant operations worldwide, keeping systems flowing, reducing pump downtime and protecting dewatering equipment, such as centrifuges, filter presses and more.

Taskmaster Inline

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