Cutter Cartridge®

Cutter Cartridge® technology is a unique design used in TASKMASTER® TM8500 and TASKMASTER TITAN (TM14000) grinders . With the Cutter Cartridge technologyTASKMASTER grinders have major advantages including ease of maintenance, fewer parts and increased unit strength.

This design takes 6 individual cutters and spacers (a total of 12 pieces) and combines them into one unit. With 1/12 of the moving parts, the design  is much more efficient.  It is also easy to install and there is no longer any need for stack re-tightening.

Every cartridge length is uniformly machined and precisely ground to assure accurate cutter lineup. For more information on Cutter Cartridge technology use the contact page.

For sales please call 1-800-932-0599