The PIPELINE DELUMPER® is a proven in-line lump breaker that chops, shreds, disperses and suspends solids directly in fully enclosed pipe systems. This straight-through ultra-compact unit rectifies flow properties of heavy sludge, slurries and solids-laden streams. The PIPELINE DELUMPER alleviates blockages, works the stream to free flow and improves processing. It can prevent damage to pumps, piping, valves, nozzles and downstream equipment. This unit has proven itself as a valuable problem solver in process systems worldwide.


Smooth Operations

The PIPELINE DELUMPER inline crusher and lump breaker converts a solids-laden stream into a fully suspended homogeneous flow—instantly. It stops settling out, clustering and over-pressure. The reduced particles are entrained in the stream away from the pipe walls. Scale that becomes dislodged from reactors, silos and tanks is crushed before it can impede the flow. The PIPELINE DELUMPER improves product quality, blend and consistency. It instantly reduces tough solids to a uniform output size. It improves mixing, drying and dissolving operations. Nozzles are kept clear; sensitive media protected. The result is reduced downtime, a process that is in better control, and substantial savings to the operation.

Pipeline Delumper PD4 Install


PD Chart

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