Screenmaster® RT

The Screenmaster® RT, internally fed drum screen, employs a rotating drum to provide effective fine screening of a variety of materials with a simple and reliable design. It is fully constructed in corrosion resistant T304 or T316 stainless steel and employs a cylindrical screen constructed with perforated metal, wedge wire or filter cloth along with a weir system. As the material is fed into the unit’s inlet, it is distributed along the internal screen surfaces. As the drum rotates, the weir moves the solids along the screen length. The liquids are discharged from the unit’s bottom. The solids are conveyed to the unit discharge flange. The RT is provided in a choice of models with up to 60″ diameter drums up to 156 inches (4 m) in length.

The RT is provided with a choice of screen openings from 500 x 500 micron (filter cloth) up to 6 mm perforations. The screen segments are removable from the outside of the unit after simple removal of the exterior stainless steel panel enclosures. The unit is provided with both internal and external high pressure nozzles to keep the screen clear. The wash system employs 35 gpm of water at 60 psi. Each unit is typically supplied with a PLC-based control system housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure. The Screenmaster RT is perfect for a wide variety of applications including: Wastewater Treatment, Membrane, Filtration, Fat, Pulp & Paper, Slaughter House and Offal.

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