The SPIRALIFT® SLV is a unique fine screen that conveys solids straight up. With its small footprint, it fits into tight places where no other screens can fit. This unit combines TASKMASTER® grinding technology with a vertical screw screen to provide fine screenings of solids entrained in liquid flows.

The SPIRALIFT SLV fits in extremely tight locations such
as pump stations’ wet wells. It is typically supplied with a TASKMASTER grinder to pre-condition the solids. After
the solids are reduced by the TASKMASTER grinder, they flow into the screen area. The solids are swept from the semicircular perforated screen by brushes mounted on the perimeter of the rotating auger and conveyed vertically up
the unit’s transport tube. As the solids are conveyed up
the screw, liquids drain back into the flow. An optional compaction zone can be provided for further dewatering.



  • Fits in Tight Locations Such as Pump Stations’ Wet Wells
  • Fine Screens of Solids
  • Taskmaster Grinder With CUTTER CARTRIDGE® Technology
  • Control System Integrates all Components
  • Ultrasonic Level Sensor
SLV Illustration

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