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Delumper Crushers

Guide to the Proper Selection and Sizing of Industrial Lump Breakers

DELUMPER® Lump Breakers are machines that use impact, shear, compression or abrasion to reduce a variety of solid products to a desired particle size range. DELUMPER lump breakers are crushers specifically built by Franklin Miller Inc. that are versatile, high-end industrial crushers designed for processing such materials as chemicals, minerals, ...
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Taskmaster shredder group

How to Choose an Industrial Shredder For Your Business

INDUSTRIAL SHREDDERS Franklin Miller manufactures a wide variety of industrial shredders. Our versatile shredders can handle a wide variety of materials including plastic, wood, fiberglass and many many more. Our shredding experts can help you select the right shredder for your application. SELECTING THE RIGHT SHREDDER Type of Material to ...
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Wipes Clog

Impact of Wipes on Pipes

Blockages often occur in residential and municipal sewer systems from accumulation of disposable wipes in wastewater treatment systems. The pipes, pumps and other equipment that process flushable waste in wastewater treatment systems are often not capable of handling such waste. Disposable wipes have a variety of different uses – from ...
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Size Reduction Paradox square

Size Reduction Paradox

Literature on size reduction is plentiful and several useful “laws” are available, but a` single generally acceptable theory has not been formulated. The frame-work is complex and promises to be more complex in the future. We are told that size reduction equipment is grossly inefficient, theoretically, and that less than ...
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Grinders, Shredders and Comminutors – An Evolving Technology

Comminution technology has been evolving quite rapidly in response to the increasing burden entrained solids have placed on treatment facilities. More advanced devices have been developed in rapid succession. The result has been an exciting and fluid race between the leading manufacturers to develop the best size reduction device. The ...
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Super Shredder Corning

The Selection & Use of Sludge Muncher Grinders & Wastewater Munchers

Sludge grinders are inline processors that play an important role in the successful operation of wastewater treatment plants by reducing oversized solids that can causing jamming and damage to pumps and process equipment. Franklin Miller grinders are known for their heavy-duty capabilities and innovative designs with models available for a ...
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Spiralift SR Install

Septage Receiving Challenges & Solutions

Septage receiving can be tough on a treatment plant’s operation. Septage is 6 to 80 times more concentrated than municipal wastewater. It typically also contains significant levels of grease, scum, grit, rocks, rags, hair, plastics and other debris. If not treated properly, these solids can disrupt the treatment process. Many ...
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