The DELUMPER® L series crushers reduce products to a desired output size with a positive, once through, chopping action. Cutting teeth mounted to a smooth drum rotate through sizing combs to process agglomerates and reduce over-sized particles to their basic grain size without over-grind, heat rise or fines.

DELUMPER L lump breakers reduce lumps, crush minerals, improve product consistency, facilitate mixing, drying and conveying, and keep process lines running smoothly. These units have extraordinary processing capabilities on a wide range of materials including chemicals, sugar, food, minerals, urea, ammonium nitrate, salts, colors, plastics, pharmaceuticals and more. DELUMPER L Series crushers typically employ no screens.

Delumper L
Delumper L Removable Teeth
DELUMPER L DC1077 Coarse Teeth


  • Low Friction Cutter Design
  • Individually Replaceable Teeth
  • Heavy Duty Precision Construction
  • High Capacity
  • Minimal Fines
Delumper With Hopper


Delumper L Chart

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