The DELUMPER® Multi-Shaft LP consists of dual, three and five shaft crushers that process massive quantities of lumps or agglomerates with a powerful crushing mechanism. This mighty processor reduces dry, sticky, caked or wet solids to a desired output size without overworking, churning or heating the material. These lump breakers feature individually replaceable, bidirectional cutter teeth, which are carefully stacked, balanced and arranged for optimal feeding on two shafts. The teeth of the crusher rotate through a heavy bar grating, which creates a low friction, self-clearing crushing action.

industrial delumper


The DELUMPER® LP multiple rotors are provided in a number of configurations to fit many application requirements, in standard (LP) and Ultra-Heavy-Duty (LP-HD) versions. These units feature: direct gear drives, shaft seals and heavy-duty bearings. The DELUMPER Multi-Shaft LP features multiple high profile LP cutters stacked on heavy parallel shafts. Each tooth is constructed for precise balance, interchangeability and smooth operation. The teeth are mounted in a staggered pattern around the shaft diameter to assure smooth continuous operation, reduced power consumption and optimal feeding. The rugged extended LP teeth rotate through a heavy bar grating with a low friction design. The teeth are typically supplied with leading edges to crack the feed with a pick-like action and handle solids with reduced shock and power consumption.

A unique hardfacing option is available for extended cutter life under abrasive conditions.


The DELUMPER Multi-shaft LP is ruggedly constructed of heavy plate and channel for low vibration and noise. Input and output flanges are provided for easy connections. Units are available in carbon steel, T304 or T316 stainless steel, and nickel based alloys on special order.

Dual Stage LP
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