The SPIRALIFT® screens, washes, transports and dewaters solids entrained in the wastewater flow. This system combines the benefits of two proven technologies into one effective system: the SPIRALIFT screening conveying system and a high-performance TASKMASTER® grinder. The processed solids are washed, ground, dewatered and discharged — ideal for landfill disposal, while organics are left in the flow. Because this unit features TASKMASTER grinding technology, it offers the combined benefits of a rugged, effective grinder with enhanced screw screen performance for a uniquely effective and trouble-free system.



  • Segmented Brushes For Easy Brush Changes
  • Optional Compaction Zone
  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Wide Range of Sizes and Flows
Spiralift Brush
Spiralift installation
SL Installation 1
SL Installation 2
SL installation AZ
SL Installation 4
SL Installation 5

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