Spiralift® SL

The SPIRALIFT® screens, washes, transports and dewaters solids entrained in the wastewater flow. This system combines the benefits of two proven technologies into one effective system: the SPIRALIFT screening conveying system and a high-performance TASKMASTER® grinder. The processed solids are washed, ground, dewatered and discharged — ideal for landfill disposal, while organics are left in the flow. Because this unit features TASKMASTER grinding technology, it offers the combined benefits of a rugged, effective grinder with enhanced screw screen performance for a uniquely effective and trouble-free system.

First, a powerful TASKMASTER grinder reduces the solids to small particles, loosens biological material and increases surface area. The reduced solids are ideally conditioned for further processing by the SPIRALIFT screw screen. As the solids are discharged from the grinder, the reduced particles are subject to the turbulent cleansing action of the channel flow. The particles are then captured on the SPIRALIFT’s fine screen basket. The spiral unit is energized on a timed cycle or when the upstream flow reaches a predetermined level. The brushes of the unit’s shaftless screw sweep the solids off the screen. They are then spray washed and transported up the shaftless spiral.

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