Industrial Wastewater

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Successful industrial wastewater solutions help reduce customers’ carbon footprint, reclaim water, re-purpose waste for energy, eliminate costly disposal/landfill and protect downstream pumps and equipment. Franklin Miller grinders, screens and packaged solutions have proven their dependability in years of operation worldwide.

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Fruit & Vegetable Processing

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The large volume of wastewater from processing fruit and vegetables requires treatment to remove the total suspended solids (TSS) and other pollutants from the water. The TASKMASTER® Industrial Food Waste Shredders and TASKMASTER Grinders reduce the solids and pre-treat the fruit and vegetables. The SCREENMASTER® Rotary Drum Screen allows the liquid to flow through, while capturing solids through a variety of screen sizes. The SPIRALIFT® screens, washes, transports and dewaters the solids entrained in the wastewater flow.

TM8516 shredder

Dairy & Meat Processing

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The abundant wastewater from dairy applications is found to be high in solids, oils, phosphorus and nitrogen. Even cleaning products used to sanitize the plant can often be found in the wastewater. Similarly, meat processing and dairy processing wastewater is often heavily burdened with fats, oils, and grease (FOG) which must be separated and treated. Poultry processing plants have their own challenges. This wastewater has high levels of organic matter, fat and microorganism, which needs to be screened and/or separated.

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Rendering & Slaughterhouse Processing

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During the rendering process, waste animal matter is separated from fats and wastewater creating useful animal byproducts and materials to be used for rendering edible and non-edible goods. Slaughterhouse wastewater often includes fatty tissue, hair, feathers, offal, blood, and even parts of the carcass or bones. TASKMASTER® Grinders and the SCREENMASTER® Rotary Drum Screen grind and separate solids, fat and grease, resulting in a clean flow of wastewater.

Rendering Bones

Seafood Processing

TM2370 Fish Grinder

Seafood wastewater, high in TSS and biological oxygen demand (BOD) must be processed and treated. Thawing, eviscerating, washing, pre-cooking, spray cooling, solution filling, can washing and sterilization lead to a lot of wastewater. TASKMASTER® Grinders and the SCREENMASTER® Rotary Drum Screen process and treat the wastewater to meet discharge.

Fish Processing

Oil & Gas Processing

Oil Processing

Franklin Miller has a multitude of inline processors suitable to handle the complex demands of oil and gas applications.
The unique needs pertaining to the extraction, refining, and transporting of petroleum products can be easily handled by Franklin Miller grinders.
For Oil and gas processing, Franklin Miller inline processors such as TASKMASTER® Inline GrindersDELUMPER® Crushers and SUPER SHREDDER® Inline Processors keep pumps and centrifuges protected by breaking down rocks, cutting stringy plant materials or crushing petrified woods before they can reach or damage downstream equipment.


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