The SPIRALIFT® SR Septage Receiving Station is a complete solution for the clean and organized receiving and processing of septage. This complete system along with the Hauler Station control reduces the demand on your system as well as on your personnel.

The SPIRALIFT employs perfected shaftless screw technology to screen the solids from the liquids and then  wash and compact the solids. This fully enclosed system features dependable operation, low operating costs and easy installation. These units are provided with between one and four stages of processing to meet a wide variety of application requirements.

The SPIRALIFT SR is provided with an S270-SR Automatic Control System, an optional S270-SRH Hauler Station Control System as well as HaulerLogic® administration, and a unique TASKMASTER® TT  grinder with built-in tramp trap housing.



The S270-SRH Hauler Station Control helps to automate your septage receiving operation.

Features include:

  • Records Hauler Transactions
  • Orderly Receiving from Septage Haulers
  • Controls Access with ID Cards
  • Monitors and Synchronizes Full System
  • Prints Receipts
  • Interfaces with Optional HaulerLogic®


SPlRALIFT systems are constructed for strength and durability. The main housing, screw trough and screen are constructed of heavy stainless steel. The shaftless auger is built of  heavy alloy steel. An access port on top of the units allows for convenient inspection and maintenance of the interior. The units are provided with an ultrasonic level sensor, stainless steel spray wash system, and heavy duty gear reducers rated for long life in continuous service.

Septage trucks connect to the system’s inlet via a quick-connect coupling. After the operator sets the control system to the ON position, an intake valve opens automatically, the spray wash valve opens and the TASKMASTER TT grinder (if supplied) is energized. As the septage flows by gravity into the system, the solids are captured on a perforated screen where they are washed. Once the flow rises to a preset level, the screw screen is energized automatically. The solids are conveyed, compacted and then discharged.

Spiralift SR Install

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