Taskmaster® PRS

The Franklin Miller (PRS) Product Recovery System is the innovative leader in product depackaging. The PRS helps manufacturers run more efficiently, lose less product or recover waste for reuse or recycling. Whether it’s plastic, paper packaging or aluminum cans, the PRS can efficiently separate the product and packaging. Recovered materials can be used as a feed stock or for animal food, biofuel production and more. The savings from product recovery can quickly pay for the cost of the PRS system.

This versatile, modular system first breaks up the packaging to release the contents. Then it separates the liquids (or solids) from the container, cleans (with optional spray wash manifold) and finally compacts the packaging to be sent for recycling or disposal. This revolutionary system reduces disposal cost and eliminates waste while increasing efficiency of production. The PRS can be supplied as a complete system with infeed and discharge conveyors and controls.