VULCANATOR® Granulators and grinders feature a unique low friction design that quickly reduces rubber and heavy plastics into small bits without the heat rise associated with other designs that require cooling devices.

These powerful processors can drastically reduce processing time resulting in dramatic cost savings. The VULCANATOR® can handle all types and shapes of vulcanized or non-vulcanized, natural or synthetic rubber including full bales, sheets and chips.

Material is fed into the unit via conveyor or by hand and are expelled from the bottom of the unit into a bin, conveyor or tank. These units are supplied with a choice of screen openings to optimize output particle size. The VULCANATOR can be supplied for wet or dry applications in carbon or stainless steel construction.




KM05: The KM5 features up to a 3HP (2.2kw) motor and drive. This unit can handle hemp, cannabis, small pieces of rubber and other dry materials.

KM10: The KM10 features up to a 60HP (45kw) motor and drive and can handle small bales, rubber, vinyl and plastic, new and recycled parts and more.

KM30: The KM30 features up to a 150HP (110kw) motor and drive. This unit quickly reduces full bales of rubber to desired output size.

Vulcanator KM05


  • Synthetic Rubber
  • Natural Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Hemp
  • Cannabis
Hemp Output

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