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Cannabis Waste Shredder

The Taskmaster® series of shredders are perfectly designed for the role of cannabis waste shredders. They provide efficient and cost-effective disposal of cannabis waste from cannabis growers. These powerful shredders help cannabis growers all over the United States meet the regulatory requirements of cannabis disposal. The TASKMASTER® TM8500 series, as well as the larger TM1600 series and TM2342 shredders, can handle all quantities and varieties of cannabis waste.

These shredders are used at a variety of points in the production and disposal process. The components of cannabis plant processing including roots bulbs, stalks, leaves, and stems can be effectively reduced by a TASKMASTER® shredder.

These high capacity units can be hand fed, conveyor-fed or fed by a bucket loader, depending on the model.

Download: Cannabis Shredders Brochure

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