Case Studies

County Drastically Cuts Costs With DIMMINUTOR®

Fairfield Wastewater Treatment Plant in Butler County, Ohio was having a lot of trouble with their grinders. The plant serves over 42,500 domestic customers, a number of commercial and industrial institutions as well as Mercy Hospital of Fairfield. They treat about five million gallons of wastewater collected in over 175 miles of sewer pipe each day.

The brand of grinders they were using was extremely costly to maintain. They had two – one in each of their wet wells. Each year, one of the units would come out for a full rebuild due to the cutters’ complete deterioration. This was costing them about $25,000 a year in rebuild costs.

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Taskmaster Aids in Biomass Research

Taskmaster Biomass

At CRBM Marine Biology Research Center in Quebec, Canada, researchers were in search of a grinder for a project involving marine biomass. A big part of this research project was focused on finding and extracting marine molecules that could fight against major diseases such as cancer (breast, lung, prostatic and intestinal). For the research, marine materials such as hard shells, lobster pieces, stretchable fish skin and even large and resistant seaweed needed to be ground to a homogeneous size so the research elements could be effectively extracted from the material. Getting the output size right was imperative to having a workable material for the very delicate extractions and research.

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Super Shredder to the Rescue!

Super Shredder Scotts Valley

The City of Scotts Valley sewage treatment plant was having a very tough and frequent problem with their scum pump. This screw pump would rag up monthly, forcing the operators to take it apart and use large wrenches to manually turn the pump to remove the clogged rags and wipes. This was not a sustainable operating model and it was costing the city a lot of time, manpower and money, not to mention causing a lot of frustration.

“We had rakes on the clairifier for scum, rags and other problematic debris,” said Troy Adams, Wastewater Division Manager in the City of Scotts Valley. “But we still had such a massive problem with pump clogging. Rags kept getting into the screw pump.”

When the pumps ragged up and couldn’t turn, taking them apart was a constant issue. “It was an operator nightmare,” Adams said. “It was at least once a week, and at least a four-hour ordeal. It was happening so often, we just left all the tools and everything needed sitting right next to the pump.”

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Crusher Provides Cool Solution for Freeze-Dried Mushrooms

When establishing a processing and freeze-drying system for an exotic mushroom customer, Van Drunen Farms in Momence, Illinois found themselves in search of a solution for a unique set of challenges.Van Drunen Farms specializes in processing high-quality ingredients through a multitude of processing methods and services, including freeze-dried, drum-dried, frozen and infused, as well as dietary supplements.The company needed help processing specialty exotic mushrooms. The mushroom spores are grown in wet rice holes. Once grown, the mushrooms are frozen in bulk and sent in forty-pound blocks to Van Drunen for processing. This is where the problem came in.Van Drunen needed a high-quality, reliable crusher that could break the blocks while keeping them frozen. Output size was also a driving factor. Because the pieces would be freeze-dried after processing, the output size couldn’t be too fine. The pieces would have to have an output size between 3/8 and 1/2 inch. The company began exploring options, but had trouble finding a solution that would be able to deliver the right size output, keep the product frozen, and be reliable and well-built.

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Screenmaster® CS Bar screen Helps Township Weather the Stormwater

When the township of Little Ferry, New Jersey constructed a new bridge, it created a big problem. The bridge, constructed at a traffic circle in town, created changes to the road that left a drainage pond below the water level of the Hackensack River. The problematic effect this had was immediate as local neighborhoods were flooded on a regular basis.

The town knew they had to fix this problem immediately and decided to install pumps to combat the flooding. Because the runoff was stormwater, the problem was compounded by the large solids such as leaves, branches, sticks and other debris that would enter the pumps and clog or even shut them down.

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Maximum Security with The Space-saving SPIRALIFT® SLV

Due to the waste from the Northeast Correctional Facility, Alliance Water Resources, the wastewater treatment plant in Bowling Green, Missouri, was constantly having problems. The prison, which produces 300,000 gallons of water per day, was creating a deluge of problems for the pump station, including clogged and plugged pumps, excessive power draw and the need for continuous service and ultimate pump replacement. The inmates were flushing paper, jumpsuits, and all manner of debris – pretty much anything they could flush. It was costing the plant a lot of downtime and tons of money. Once the pumps started needing total replacements on a very frequent basis, costing the plant more than $30,000 each year, they knew they needed a solution.

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The TASKMASTER® TITAN® saves Time and Worries

The Roseland, NJ pump station is one of the largest high-flow stations feeding into the Caldwell Wastewater Treatment Plant. The pump station originally used a trash rack in the channel coming into the station. This arrangement made it necessary for a worker to climb down into the confined space once a day to access and empty the trash rack manually. This was a very time-consuming process and was expensive for the station to keep up with such frequent manual maintenance.

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Union Township, NJ Automates Pump Station with TASKMASTER®

Union Township, New Jersey was having a lot of trouble with their pump station. Although a small pump station, it was extremely cumbersome to maintain. The station was using a trash basket with a ladder and rail system to screen solids. This was extremely time-consuming, used an excess of manpower and proved to be ineffective at times. They knew they needed a better solution.

TM8500 SubmersibleBecause Franklin Miller had successfully retrofitted a competitor’s machine in the past, the Township of Union, Department of Public Works decided to approach FMI for a solution.

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How the Franklin Miller Dimminutor® Became an Olympic Winner

The Franklin Miller DIMMINUTOR was selected for the state-of-the-art sewage system infrastructure project built to accommodate the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. After an intensive construction project, multiple Model DM36XF DIMMINUTOR® open channel comminutors were employed throughout the new sewage system. Each unit has the capability of 29 million gallons of raw sewage per day.

As part of the preparation for the games, an advanced sewage treatment system in Sochi had to be built. Designed by Olimpstroy, the system is said to meet BREF standards and employ top available technologies including tertiary treatment with microfiltration.

The advanced sewage plant is part of a series of state-of-the-art infrastructure projects that were built in preparation for the games. The extensive construction plan involved building and modernizing the telecommunications, power and transport infrastructure of the area, in addition to the construction of a new Olympic Park by the Black Sea coast.

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