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Taskmaster® Shredders Play Critical Role In E-Waste Recycling Operation

A major e-waste recycler which handles massive quantities of electronics received from many states wanted to make improvements. Their installed 4-shaft shredders were causing excessive maintenance expense and downtime. The company processes all types of e-waste from the smallest electronic components, such as flash cards and circuit boards, to the largest, such as mainframe computers – and everything in between. Their process is design to reclaim valuable metals found in the waste components such as silver, gold, and copper which can only be reclaimed after a shredding process.

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SPIRALIFT® Screening System- Solves Sludge and BOD Problems at City of Plymouth

The City of Plymouth processes 150,000 gallons of raw sewage a day. Before 2009, the plant had no headworks installed at all. The raw sewage was being dumped into a pond. Because of this, the plant suffered major ongoing sludge and BOD problems. A city engineer recommended a new system be installed to combat these problems. After doing research, the engineer found a Franklin Miller system that proved a perfect solution.

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County Drastically Cuts Costs With DIMMINUTOR®

Fairfield Wastewater Treatment Plant in Butler County, Ohio was having a lot of trouble with their grinders. The plant serves over 42,500 domestic customers, a number of commercial and industrial institutions as well as Mercy Hospital of Fairfield. They treat about five million gallons of wastewater collected in over 175 miles of sewer pipe each day.

The brand of grinders they were using was extremely costly to maintain. They had two – one in each of their wet wells. Each year, one of the units would come out for a full rebuild due to the cutters’ complete deterioration. This was costing them about $25,000 a year in rebuild costs.

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Video Case Study: A Septage Receiving Solution

Video Case Study: Spiralift® SR Provides Septage Receiving Solution for Willits, California The Willits, California Wastewater Treatment Plant services over 10,000 residents and receives 750 loads of septage each year, but found they had a serious problem. Heavy septage from “honey trucks” was dumped by haulers into its wet well which clogged the plant’s pumps…

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Franklin Miller Receives 100th Year Proclamation at WEFTEC 2018

FMI Sales Team

Franklin Miller Receives 100th Year Proclamation at WEFTEC 2018 Franklin Miller President Bill Galanty proudly accepted a proclamation at WEFTEC celebrating Franklin Miller’s 100th anniversary. Pictured from left to right: Sales Manager Ryan Westman, Service Manager Jonathan Taylor, President Bill Galanty, Sales Manager Joe Macula and National Sales Manager Korkmaz Oz.

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Super Shredder to the Rescue!

Super Shredder Scotts Valley

The City of Scotts Valley sewage treatment plant was having a very tough and frequent problem with their scum pump. This screw pump would rag up monthly, forcing the operators to take it apart and use large wrenches to manually turn the pump to remove the clogged rags and wipes. This was not a sustainable operating model and it was costing the city a lot of time, manpower and money, not to mention causing a lot of frustration.

“We had rakes on the clairifier for scum, rags and other problematic debris,” said Troy Adams, Wastewater Division Manager in the City of Scotts Valley. “But we still had such a massive problem with pump clogging. Rags kept getting into the screw pump.”

When the pumps ragged up and couldn’t turn, taking them apart was a constant issue. “It was an operator nightmare,” Adams said. “It was at least once a week, and at least a four-hour ordeal. It was happening so often, we just left all the tools and everything needed sitting right next to the pump.”

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Crusher Provides Cool Solution for Freeze-Dried Mushrooms

When establishing a processing and freeze-drying system for an exotic mushroom customer, Van Drunen Farms in Momence, Illinois found themselves in search of a solution for a unique set of challenges.Van Drunen Farms specializes in processing high-quality ingredients through a multitude of processing methods and services, including freeze-dried, drum-dried, frozen and infused, as well as dietary supplements.The company needed help processing specialty exotic mushrooms. The mushroom spores are grown in wet rice holes. Once grown, the mushrooms are frozen in bulk and sent in forty-pound blocks to Van Drunen for processing. This is where the problem came in.Van Drunen needed a high-quality, reliable crusher that could break the blocks while keeping them frozen. Output size was also a driving factor. Because the pieces would be freeze-dried after processing, the output size couldn’t be too fine. The pieces would have to have an output size between 3/8 and 1/2 inch. The company began exploring options, but had trouble finding a solution that would be able to deliver the right size output, keep the product frozen, and be reliable and well-built.

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Introducing the TASKMASTER® XL Pallet Shredder

Taskmaster XL

Disposing of pallets is a substantial expense for companies across the country often involving multiple solid waste containers per week. Old pallets accumulating on property are also a problem. Pallets can be dangerous, unsightly, accumulate mold and attract animals.

Franklin Miller Inc. is proud to introduce the new TASKMASTER® XL industrial pallet shredder which addresses this problem. This powerful industrial shredder can substantially reduce the expense of disposing of pallets by reducing them in size and reducing their bulk volume. This means this machine can quickly pay for itself.

In designing the TASKMASTER XL, Franklin Miller engineers employed the engineering knowhow gained in nearly 100 years of size reduction equipment manufacturing. This single shaft unit employs a quiet operating 25HP gear drive and 3 phase motor direct coupled to the unit.

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DELUMPER® Crusher with Unique Automatic Bag Tipper/Unloader

This unique automatic bag tipper coupled with a DELUMPER® Crusher makes unloading and conditioning of caked bagged material safe and easy.

The operator places the bag on the unit tray and secures it with clamps, cuts the bag and the unit does the rest. The tray automatically closes forming a front door of the hopper. The material drops out of the bag with the help of a unique agitator. The contents are discharged from the DELUMPER Crusher conditioned and deagglomerated, creating a freshened product, ready for further processing, conveying or sale. The crusher is fully enclosed while operating for maximum safety.

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